Forgotten Enemies Campaign Walkthroughs


Mission One: Mercury Rising

Mission Two: Arrival

Mission Three: A Surprise

Mission Four: Power Struggle

Mission Five: Firing Back

Mission Six: Sheep's Clothing

Mission Seven: One Way Out

Mission Eight: Into the Fire

Mission Nine: Hidden Threats

Mission Ten: Escape Path

Mission Eleven: A Short Break

Mission Twelve: Heart of Darkness

Mission Thirteen: Cloak of Deception

Mission Fourteen: Betrayed

Mission Fifteen: Two Minute Warning

Mission Sixteen: The Emperor's New Claws

Mission Fifteen (A): The Other Side

Mission Sixteen (A): A New Alliance

Mission Seventeen (A): Rebuilding the Ark

Mission Eighteen (A): Biometal Meltdown

Mission Nineteen (A): Crash on Memory Lane

Saved Game File Sizes


Sequoyah Computer


These walkthroughs are a good excuse for me to put up a bunch of screenshots from the Forgotten Enemies Add-on to Battlezone II.  The amazing graphics, which I've tried to capture here, are the result of hard work originally done by the folks at Pandemic Studios and then extended by the Community Project team.  If you haven't tried these missions yet, you might want to skim through these pages, just looking at the pictures, since I wouldn't want to spoil anyone's enjoyment of the well crafted challenge to be found in the Forgotten Enemies Campaign.  Even better, you should download and play these missions, first, and come back to check out these walkthroughs, if you find yourself getting stuck or if you just want to compare my approach to your own.

I hope everyone finds playing these Forgotten Enemy missions as much fun as I did.  This walkthrough is an outcome of my own enthusiasm and admiration for what the folks of the Community Project have accomplished, and I hope that in some way it helps to pass that enjoyment along to you.

Problems with Saved Games

Before moving on to the walkthroughs, it might be helpful to know that Battlezone II seems to have a limitation with regard to how many saved games it can manage.  If you have too many saved games, you may find that further saves generate corrupted save files.  I'm not sure if there is a particular number that is too many, but you probably want less than a dozen saved games in your saved games folder.  Some of the individual saved game files for Forgotten Enemies are very large, and this seems to lower the total number of files that can be handled even further.  In some cases, you probably want no more than two saved games in your folder at a time; so, either remember to delete some saved games as you go along, or move them out of the game's FEsaved folder to another for safe keeping.  I've put together a table showing the size of saved game files for many of the FE missions.  As the files get up around 2mb and bigger, you'll have to keep the number of saved games in your folder to a minimum to help avoid getting a corrupted save.  The very largest files may give you problems, no matter what you do.  This is something I can't say that I have thoroughly explored; so, use this information to develop your own rules of thumb for saved games.

One Way of Taking Screenshots in Game

In case anyone is curious, I took advantage of Battlezone II's record and playback command line switches in making many of these screenshots (/record [myfilename] and /playback [myfilename]).  The screenshots themselves were taken using  Hypersnap.  This method allows me to play through and record the mission at low to medium graphics settings, but turn them up to near maximum settings when I playback the recording and take the screenshots.  I also can concentrate on taking the screenshots and not have to worry about getting shot out of my tank.  You have full control of the camera view when playing back the recording; so, you can switch from first person to third person views, zoom in, zoom out, and turn off the HUD on the fly.  There were a few missions that I wasn't able to make recordings of.  The record function doesn't know what to do with certain kinds of terminal screens that are present in some of the missions, for example. 

When you playback a recording, your difficulty level and the auto-leveling option need to be the same as they were when you made the recording, in order for them to playback properly.